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Why Hiring an Experienced Hydraulics Tech Over an Apprentice Matters

Hydraulics is the science and practical application of fluids to perform work. Employing power produced by the flow of fluids has contributed to the invention of many hydraulic devices including gasoline pumps, vehicle brake systems, construction machines, airplane landing gear, and flight control systems, elevators, manufacturing production lines, mining equipment, oil refinery equipment, agricultural equipment, […]

5 Reasons Hydraulic Pumps Fail

5 Reasons Hydraulic Pumps Fail Hydraulic pumps are responsible for keeping a hydraulic system humming. Despite how long they’ve been around, these pumps still stand out as complex forms of machinery. Their job is to turn the mechanical energy fed to them into hydraulic energy, but how they go about doing that is quite astounding. […]

7 Most Common Reasons of Hydraulic Failures

Hydraulic systems are used in everyday life, even if you don’t realize it. However, there can be different reasons why a system fails and things that can be done to repair it. Hydraulic systems are seen in vehicles, forklifts, construction equipment, NASA equipment, and more. How Does a Hydraulic System Work? A hydraulic system works […]

5 Hydraulic Hose, Fittings, and Cylinder FAQs with Step-by-Step Answers

What is a Hydraulic Hose? This is a high-pressure thermoplastic or synthetic rubber used in a hydraulic system, usually in between two fluid ports. It is surrounded by windings mainly made out of metal or fiber that enhance its strength. The windings offer reinforcements in strength and flexibility and are either spiral wound or braided. […]

How Do I Measure for the Hydraulic Fitting I Need?

It’s not a difficult process to measure for the correct hydraulic fitting, and it’s extremely important that you do so. You might think that you’re an experienced veteran who doesn’t need to go through the measuring process, but that can quickly get you into trouble. Fittings and hoses which are an apparent match can be […]