Consider the Max Jack Hose on Your House Jack

Jack Hose

There are plenty of reasons why your company might be called on to repair a building’s foundation. Over time, even the sturdiest structures develop cracks or need reinforcement of some kind. Repairing a crumbling or broken foundation is no easy feat, however. Construction contractors require some seriously heavy-duty machinery to get the job done.

That means having a high-functioning house jack as a part of your arsenal of construction machinery. To ensure you’re getting the most performance and the highest degree of safety from your house jack, you’ll need the right components. That includes picking the correct house jack hydraulic hoses in Houston, TX.

When the time comes to make that all-important decision, set your sights on the Max Jack from Balflex. Read on to learn more about this heavy-duty hydraulic hose.

The risks of raising a structure

As a contractor, you understand the difficulty associated with repairing a building’s foundation. The foundation is meant to hold the weight of everything built above it. When it begins to crack or fall apart, many tons of concrete, wood and glass begin pressing downward with every pound of pressure they can summon.

Repairing a flawed foundation means using a tool that will support that combined weight while you shore up the building’s structural integrity. Enter the house jack—this specially-designed tool can support a building foundation of up to 30,000 pounds. That’s a sense of security a regular hydraulic jack can’t match, and it’s one you’ll appreciate while you’re working with such heavy materials above your head. 

Of course, the house jack can only do its job when outfitted with the proper accessories. That means equipping your house jack with a Max Jack hydraulic hose in Houston, TX.

What sets Max Jack apart?

Balflex’s Max Jack is no ordinary hydraulic hose. Ordinary hydraulic hoses aren’t up to handling the immense pressure provided by house jacks. Under prolonged strain of this sort, regular hydraulic hoses will develop cracks and leaks and pop off their fittings. In turn, their use takes a toll on the larger hydraulic system itself.

Not the Max Jack, though. This hydraulic hose is reinforced with three high-tensile steel wire braids. The inside is lined with a seamless oil-resistant rubber that builds up little to no friction as hydraulic fluid cruises through. The hose itself holds up to an incredibly wide range of temperatures. The result is a hose that can withstand enormous hydraulic pressure and intense heat and cold without batting an eye.

Trust in Houston’s hydraulic pros

There are plenty of house jack hydraulic hoses in Houston, TX, but none stand up to the Max Jack. This single addition to your house jack can dramatically improve the productivity and safety of your equipment when you’re repairing a home’s foundation.

When you’re in the Houston area, the best place to find a Max Jack is at Sapphire Hydraulics. Our family owned and operated company is focused on providing a wide array of services to clients throughout the area. When you need hydraulic equipment, repair or any of a wide array of accessories, you can count on Sapphire Hydraulics—we guarantee it. Contact us today to learn more!

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