The Benefits of Using the Right Hydraulic Fluid for Your Equipment

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Though most people don’t stop to acknowledge it, hydraulic systems are something of a marvel. These incredible components are capable of transmitting enormous amounts of power with minimal exertion. They’re the structures that allow a massive range of industrial and commercial machines to complete their tasks.

Of course, hydraulic systems have a not-so-secret weapon: the fluid. Quality hydraulic fluid in Houston, TX does its fair share of the workload by transferring power throughout the hydraulic system. In short, it’s critical to make sure you’re using the correct hydraulic fluid to ensure the proper function of your machinery.

Viscosity matters

When you set about trying to find quality hydraulic fluid in Houston, TX, you’ll quickly notice that there are several different grades on the market. These different grades refer to the fluid’s viscosity.

Viscosity is a complicated-sounding term that just lets you know how thick the hydraulic fluid is. Hydraulic fluids with lower viscosity, like AW 32, will flow more easily than fluids with a higher viscosity, like AW 46. Depending on the specific machinery you’re using, you’ll need hydraulic fluids of differing viscosities.

A local contractor in the Houston area can guide you to the correct hydraulic fluids—and you should certainly consider it, because there are several benefits to choosing the right hydraulic fluid.

Ensure reliability

There’s a lot of pressure on your hydraulic system to perform. The right hydraulic oil relieves some of that pressure and ensures that your overall system continues to operate as expected for a long time to come.

Help the environment

You might not realize it, but when you’re using the incorrect hydraulic fluid, your machinery makes less efficient use of the fluid and tends to burn through it more quickly. This means adding fluid at more frequent intervals. That puts extra strain on the world around you. It also costs you more money in the long run.

Improve productivity

When you’re using the correct hydraulic fluid, you can rest assured that the combination of reliability and endurance will result in improved productivity. It’s simple math. You won’t have to stop to change your oil as often, nor will you need to shut down for repairs as regularly.

Ask your manufacturer

At Sapphire Hydraulics, we typically use AW 32 and AW 46 hydraulic fluids. These grades have proven effective for us in the past. That said, before you commit to a specific viscosity of hydraulic fluid, it’s smart to contact your machine’s manufacturer to double-check the right viscosity for your hydraulic systems.

A trusted name in hydraulics

If you want more information about the importance of using the right hydraulic oil in Houston, TX, there’s only one team to call: Sapphire Hydraulics. Our family owned and operated company has decades of experience in hydraulic use and fabrication.

Whether you’re dealing with heavy or small machinery, our knowledgeable team of experts can get your hydraulic machinery back up and running. When you work alongside Sapphire Hydraulics, you can count on first-rate customer service and impeccable workmanship. Contact us today to find out more. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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