Agricultural Hydraulic Cylinder & Hose Repair in Houston

Agriculture has certainly come a long way since the agrarian revolution. Today, agricultural activities such as plowing, tilling, and spreading fertilizer are largely mechanized to improve productivity and reduce overhead costs. In addition to increasing production, mechanized agriculture equipment has been found to increase efficiency, increase the yield of land per unit area, lower cost of work, and reduce the need for manual labor. Regardless of the size of land, it is now possible to use hydraulic powered machines to increase farm income.

For all the benefits associated with agricultural equipment, they are bound to malfunction at some point. Malfunctions can greatly affect farm activities and output, a factor that will make it difficult for you to achieve your harvest goals. As such, it is important to find reliable maintenance and hydraulic repair services that will ensure the machines are in perfect condition at all times. However, since most of these machines are complex, the professionals you choose to work with should be knowledgeable and experienced in this field. Sapphire Hydraulics is a leading company when it comes to maintenance and repair of agricultural hydraulic systems that most farming equipment relies upon.

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Agricultural Equipment Hydraulic Repair

Every agricultural machine is made up of several components. To ensure that the machinery functions optimally, the different parts have to be maintained and repaired when they develop defects. Agricultural equipment hydraulic repairing focuses on hoses, valves, and cylinders. Sapphire Hydraulics has experienced professionals who inspect the machinery to establish the root cause of the problem. Once assessed, defective parts are either repaired or replaced so that the machine is up and running to ensure that your operations do not stop. All our repair services are performed with safety in mind, with our service technicians striving to complete the job promptly. We strive to reduce the inconvenience you experience when your machinery breaks down.

Before we carry out mending works on any equipment, we seek to understand customers’ technical issues and problems, which puts us in a great position to recommend the best corrective measures to restore the machine to its functional state. Depending on the situation, we may see it necessary to apply a custom design so as to effectively restore the machine to working order. This helps us to meet the specific needs of your project. As a company committed to serving customers to their satisfaction, we persist until we find a solution to even the most complex problems. Our services are competitively priced as well, so you can access quality service without breaking the bank.

Broad Capabilities

We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all your agriculture equipment repair and machinery maintenance needs. As such, we have a broad range of capabilities to address the different needs of our clients. Some of the factors that place us ahead of the competition are the expertise and experience of our service technicians, as well as the modern technology and tools we use to deliver quality repair service to your agricultural equipment’s hydraulic systems.

Hose Fittings

One of the common causes of problems in pressurized systems is degraded hose fittings. Once we have inspected your agricultural machines and established this to be the root of the problem, our hose repair service will ensure that the replaced hose fittings are in excellent condition. This helps to improve the longevity of the machine and deliver better performance.

Valve Repair

Our services also include valve repair. Once these parts have served for some time, they are bound to become worn or defective. Depending on what we find after inspecting a machine, we will either fix or replace the valves. Our work is meant to get your machinery back to good working order.

Cylinder Design and Repair

We will discuss with you the specific needs of your hydraulic cylinders for farm equipment allowing us to design the cylinder in such a way that they are tailored to your needs. If you have an existing cylinder in place, our team of experts will work on repairing it so that it helps you to meet your goals and objectives.

Full Inventory of Hydraulic Parts

Over the years that we have provided agricultural machinery repair services, we have encountered customers with a wide array of needs. Today, we have all the machinery required to handle almost every type of hydraulic-related job. All you need to do is to contact us and explain what is on your mind, and we will devise a way to make it happen.

Farm Equipment We Service

Many attachments that can be connected to a tractor rely upon hydraulics, either from their own internal hydraulics systems to operate, or by functioning off of the internal system that the tractor has built-in. Either way, Sapphire Hydraulics is prepared to fix and replace the malfunctioning mechanized systems and custom hydraulic equipment.


A tractor is one of the most important pieces of farm equipment. Many attachments can be added to either the front or back of these pieces of machinery, and they often rely upon the hydraulic system of the tractor to be in good working order in order to function properly. Our maintenance and repair service covers most brands and different components. These include the agricultural machine’s hoses, valves, cylinders, and other components.


Although repairing a cultivator may seem like a daunting task, it is much easier with our help. Our scheduled maintenance keeps your cultivator working like new while our repair services restore the machine to its functioning state. If there are any defective parts in the hydraulic system, we will replace the parts to keep the machine working well. We have qualified and experienced technicians who handle a wide range of problems and provide the solutions required.

Plow Hydraulic Repair

During the cold winter season, a snowplow helps you to clear the area around your home or business. If the machine breaks down, you will want to get it up and running as quickly as possible so that you can handle any weather emergency that arises. We focus on ensuring that the system works effectively so that the machinery operates as expected, and you enjoy peace of mind.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems often make use of a pump system to propel the water down the line, and these pumps rely heavily upon their hydraulics systems to generate the pressure needed to efficiently do this. The different components of an irrigation system have to be inspected, maintained, and repaired for the system to run efficiently. Our scope of work includes any hoses, cylinders, valves, or other parts that the irrigation system relies upon


When soil compaction is a problem, a subsoiler will come in handy in helping to shatter the hardpan, provide aeration and loosen soil particles. Raised and lowered hydraulically on the rear end of a tractor, they need to then be pulled through the earth to function correctly. This goes a long way in ensuring the improved growth of plants. With the heavy work that subsoilers do, proper maintenance and professional repairs keep them in perfect condition. Our service technicians are experienced enough to handle a wide range of issues that could affect the performance of the equipment’s internal hydraulic components.


A roller allows you to complete your farm activities in record time while producing the desired results. With the system being an important part of the machine, the roller is one of the components that must be in good condition for the standard and custom equipment to deliver great performance. Our service can be provided in the field for ultimate convenience.

Strip Till

This piece of farming machinery helps in improving soil tilth to allow air and water to move freely. Strip tilling goes a long way in helping to achieve healthy crops and improving production. At Sapphire Hydraulics, our mission is to ensure your project continues without disruptions. As such, we provide quality maintenance and repairing services to keep your machines in perfect condition.

Seed Drill

With the sheer amount of time that sowing takes, a seed drill helps you to save money and time. This machinery makes use of its hydraulics system to quickly bury the seeds into the soil and efficiently distribute them. Our diagnostic service is designed to identify problems in your machine’s hydraulics, while our service technicians will persist until they address the problems and get your heavy equipment running again.


Planters make it easy to deal with crop residue and undisturbed soil. It is important to make sure that the hydraulics systems within the equipment are functioning properly, especially when the winter season approaches. Our regular inspection and maintenance services are designed to keep you ready for the planting season and help you avoid inconveniences.

Manure Spreader

We offer both manure spreader system repairs and customization services. These help you to avoid costly repairs and ensure your work is not interrupted by frequent breakdowns.

Grain Cart

Farming operations are constantly changing, with technology helping to make hard tasks easier. We restore and help maintain grain handling tools to ensure that the machines serve you for many years. One of the advantages we offer is the ability to access quality service at affordable prices.

Cotton Picker

The modern cotton picker relies heavily upon its hydraulics system to operate the many moving parts of the cotton picker. Our shop is designed in such a way as to ensure cotton pickers can be repaired thoroughly and efficiently. Whether you need technical problems to be revealed or replacement parts installed, Sapphire Hydraulics will do a proper job.

Potato Harvester

Making sure your potato harvester is in a perfect working condition not only increases efficiency, but also boosts the safety of the operators. Based on our expertise and experience, we handle a wide range of issues that would affect the operation of your potato harvester. We also deal with some of the most complex cylinder problems that could compromise performance.

Corn Harvester

Just like with a potato harvester, a corn harvester allows you to harvest crops quickly. However, to achieve this, there must be adequate engine power, and all the moving parts should be able to move smoothly. Our technicians have handled many cases involving corn harvesters before, putting us in a great position to fix your machine efficiently.

Grain Hopper

Another piece of farm and agricultural equipment that we can address is the grain hopper. Regardless of the make and model of your grain hopper or the nature of the problem, you can rely on us for professional services. We always strive to deliver unparalleled results that offer you value for money and ensure you enjoy the convenience you deserve.

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Working with a reliable agriculture equipment repair company has numerous benefits. If you use farming machinery frequently, you should always be ready for the day when the machines will break down. To operate efficiently, you need to schedule regular inspections and maintenance sessions for the hydraulics systems of these machines. You should also have the equipment repaired in good time before the technical issues become bigger. Sapphire Hydraulics strives to be a reliable partner throughout this journey by ensuring you do not have to wait longer than necessary to get your machine up and running. Please contact us today to learn more about us, or to request our services.
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