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Custom Hydraulic Equipment in Houston, TX

Custom Hydraulic Equipment in Houston, TX

Custom Hydraulic Equipment in Houston, TX

Custom Hydraulic Equipment in Houston, TX

At Sapphire Hydraulics, our experience with custom hydraulic equipment in Houston, TX includes custom-engineered and manufactured hydraulic products.

We manufacture and build customer-designed hydraulic equipment for a number of different uses.

Custom Project Focus: Marine Excavator

Our custom-designed marine excavator is a 75-ton hydraulic vehicle featuring a heavy-duty boom, arm and grabber. It’s designed to provide excellent stability underwater, while handling a wide range of materials. Our marine excavator is operated either underwater by divers or remotely, topside.

The unit is managed topside via a clear display and control screen located on a controller barge. The excavator is equipped with a front-view camera for improved diver safety, as well as a real-time, live underwater view of the worksite. A GPS unit with a depth meter monitoring program is located on the marine excavator, providing critical information for the topside controller and assuring divers are working in designated areas.

With our specially designed marine excavator, moving and placing rocks no longer requires a crane. The two stages are performed together, saving both time and expenses. The underwater GPS assures accuracy and safety, and allows wide area coverage in less time.

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Our abilities go far beyond custom hydraulic cylinders in Houston, TX. In fact, we actually hold a (pending) patent on custom hydraulic marine excavator equipment.

Our product was designed for the builder of a new port in the Middle East and will change how underwater construction is executed!

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Custom Project Focus: Portable Hydrojet

At your request, our engineers will either design and fabricate modifications to existing equipment or design and fabricate new custom hydraulics that will solve your problem. We’re known for our expertise in fabrication, rebuilding and repairing industrial equipment large and small.

Our Portable HydroJet cleans 2” to 12”
sewer and drain lines. Tackles any blockages!

Consult with our Custom Hydraulic Experts

To collaborate with our proven hydraulic engineers on your custom design or to have us build something unique for you, contact Sapphire Hydraulics today at (713) 331-1131.

Our passion for creation and proven experience are sure to result in a custom hydraulic product that meets your specific demands.

Custom Hydraulic Equipment in Houston, TX