Sponsors of Friendship Circle of Houston, Texas.


Sapphire Hydraulics has a special relationship with the Friendship Circle of Houston, Texas. For years we have participated and volunteered in many of Friendship Circle’s programs designed to nurture the needs of handicapped and special needs individuals and their families. This year Sapphire Hydraulics is a very proud sponsor of the 2020 Zoo Walk. Join […]

Why Hiring an Experienced Hydraulics Tech Over an Apprentice Matters


Hydraulics is the science and practical application of fluids to perform work. Employing power produced by the flow of fluids has contributed to the invention of many hydraulic devices including gasoline pumps, vehicle brake systems, construction machines, airplane landing gear, and flight control systems, elevators, manufacturing production lines, mining equipment, oil refinery equipment, agricultural equipment, […]

Everyday Items That Use Hydraulics

We all know that there are plenty of uses for hydraulic systems in Houston, TX, but most people associate them with heavy machinery and construction equipment. You might be surprised to find out that you use hydraulics every day, at home, in the office and when running errands. Hydraulic systems are, at their most basic, […]

How to Check Heavy Equipment Hydraulic Fluid Levels

You undoubtedly know the importance of hydraulic fluid when it comes to heavy machinery. As your machine’s hydraulic fluid is depleted, it becomes more difficult to properly lubricate the moving parts. In fact, the dirt and debris that your hydraulic fluid picks up can damage your hydraulic system in Houston, TX. Keeping your engines’ fluid […]

5 Reasons Hydraulic Pumps Fail


5 Reasons Hydraulic Pumps Fail Hydraulic pumps are responsible for keeping a hydraulic system humming. Despite how long they’ve been around, these pumps still stand out as complex forms of machinery. Their job is to turn the mechanical energy fed to them into hydraulic energy, but how they go about doing that is quite astounding. […]