24 hour on-site hydraulic repair, replacement, hose & fitting services.
Hydraulic Hose Repair in Houston, TX

Hydraulic Hose Repair in Houston, TX

Mobile Hydraulic Hose Repair in Houston, TX

A compromised hose can render your entire hydraulic system dysfunctional. If you’ve detected a faulty line or problems with a coupling, contact Sapphire Hydraulics for hydraulic hoses and fittings in Houston. We’re available for on-site repairs and we act quickly to restore the integrity of your hydraulic system.

We know your business depends on it.

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We offer hydraulic hoses for top manufacturers, including:

  • Volvo
  • CAT
  • Doosan
  • Komatsu
  • Hitachi
  • John Deere
  • Terex
  • JCB,Kubota
  • Takeuchi
  • and more…

Our Mobile Hose & Couplings Repair Process

Having your hydraulic pipes repaired competently and in a timely fashion can be crucial to your business, especially if your hydraulic equipment is an essential part of your service to customers. At Sapphire Hydraulics, located in Houston, we understand the importance of keeping your hydraulic machinery running when you need it, so we react as quickly as possible to any call for service. Whether you just need a replacement part or some kind of damage needs to be repaired to couplings or other areas, we can be on the spot with our mobile repair service in less than an hour to help resolve your issue.

Supplier of hydraulic products including hose, fittings, adapters & accessories. Capabilities include installation and fabrication of hose assemblies on-site, 24/7.

Elbows fittings, swivels fittings, couplings (fittings), flanges, hydraulic fluids, hose guards, hose assemblies, kits, miscellaneous fittings.

We can also wholesale crimpers, saws, etc.

If your business is located somewhere in the greater Houston metropolitan area, we’ll arrive with the right tools for the job before you can drink that next cup of coffee and we’ll work closely with you to provide an appropriate resolution to whatever the issue is. Even if we have to prepare a customized solution to your problem, we’ll make sure that it’s done safely, effectively, and quickly so you can be back up and running with as little downtime as possible. For all your hydraulic line repair needs, we hope you’ll remember the one name that can get the job done – Sapphire Hydraulics.

Repairing Hydraulic Lines

When you think about it, hydraulic machinery is really some incredible equipment, and the tasks that it can accomplish can be downright amazing. Moving rocks and trees or huge amounts of soil, crushing old buildings, and relocating enormous piles of material, all call for incredibly capable equipment.

In order to carry out tasks like these, high-pressure hydraulic fluid has to flow continuously throughout the hydraulic system of your machinery. Hydraulic lines are generally designed to be extremely robust, so they can handle this kind of high-pressure, while also being flexible enough to move in response to your equipment’s motions.

Sometimes this calls for a great deal of pressure exerted at extreme angles, and the most intense pressure will always be exerted where hydraulic hoses come into contact with solid points. This, of course, is where the line connects to a fitting, and the fitting is connected to pumps, valves, rigid pipes, or hydraulic cylinders.

Because the fitting itself is obliged to remain stationary, there can be tremendous force is applied when your equipment is moving or being operated. Due to all this, it’s very common to develop hydraulic tubes leaks, generally at the point where the hose connects to a solid fitting. It’s also possible that your hydraulic hose has grown old in place, and no longer has the elasticity or flexibility that it did when it was new.

Whenever any kind of hydraulic leaks or damage occurs to your hydraulic piping, the quick quickest way to get your equipment back online and functional is to call the experts at Sapphire Hydraulics. Our specialists have seen every kind of hydraulic hose problem in existence, and they’ll be able to fix whatever the problem is very quickly.

We’ll be glad to make an on-site visit to your location, and bring whatever tools and products are needed to provide a long-lasting and effective solution.

Standard Hose Sizes

When you’re talking about standard hydraulic hose sizes, there are three key factors that need to be accounted for: outer diameter, inner diameter, and the length of the hose. The reason that outer diameter is so important is that it has to be coupled to the appropriate fitting or other system components, and it measures the whole span of the tube itself, including the tube, the reinforcement, and the cover.

The inner diameter refers to the empty space in any circular hose which has the ability to impact flow velocity. For instance, a hose with too great an inner diameter will cause performance to be sluggish, while an undersized inner diameter can cause leaks and other damage to the system. The length of the hose is, of course, the maximum distance between the two endpoints.

This is important because the length has to be just right, so there’s no drop in the pressure throughout the hydraulic system. All our Sapphire Hydraulics technicians are well aware of the sizing factors related to standard hydraulic hoses, and they will be well capable of determining the appropriate size for any hydraulic hose repairs you might need.

Industries We Serve

In the more than 13 years that we have been providing expert hydraulic repair service to businesses in the greater Houston area, we have had an opportunity to work with companies involved in a wide range of industries. While we have had more experience in some industries than others, simply because they’re more popular than others, our specialists are fully qualified and trained to tackle issues related to hydraulics, in any industry whatsoever.

In the past, we have excelled at providing hydraulic repairs to companies involved with earth-moving, construction, agriculture, building, civil engineering, manufacturing, mining, transportation, and oil and gas ventures. In actuality, any industry on the face of the earth which uses heavy equipment to move or transport materials, and which involves the use of hydraulics, falls right into our area of expertise.

While the list of different industries may be endless, the types of heavy equipment used to serve those industries are much more predictable and standardized. Our highly skilled specialists are familiar with all types of heavy equipment and can carry out hydraulic repairs on equipment used in any industry in the country.

Broad Capabilities

If you have a business that works with heavy equipment powered by hydraulics, there is no doubt that at some point you will experience a failure due to some kind of hydraulic system problem. By far the most common types of problems that you’ll run into are leaks around fittings and couplings, and the failure of older tubes which have lost their flexibility.

When these kinds of incidents occur, it’s really helpful to know that there’s a company that has worked with every kind of hydraulic hose there is, as well as every kind of fitting and coupling used in the industry. What this means is that no matter what kind of issue you might have with your hydraulic hose system, all our Sapphire Hydraulics technicians will be able to repair it in a short period of time. Our experience level is extremely broad and diverse, and that means we can provide whatever assistance you need, regardless of the specific products involved.

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Contact us for Emergency Hose Repair

Hydraulic malfunctions don’t happen on schedule or at a convenient time. That’s why our team makes themselves available at all times of the day and night to deliver service. We will report to your site for hydraulic hose repair in the Houston area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency service. Expect us on-site to deliver services within an hour!

In the face of hydraulic hose failure, you don’t have time to waste.

Call Sapphire Hydraulics today at (713) 331-1131 for emergency service or to schedule an appointment for preventive maintenance. We’ll provide you with an upfront quote and back it up with knowledgeable, reliable service.

Hydraulic Hose Repair