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Hydraulic Plow Services in Houston, TX

Plows have been around for generations, and their use can be traced back to the Agrarian revolution in the 17th-18th century. In the past, this equipment were drawn by horses and oxen, however, modern plows are drawn by tractors and may have a wooden, steel, or iron frame. They are lightweight, maneuverable, versatile, and have myriad uses.

Hydraulic Services for Plow

A tractor pulls the plow using a strong rod known as a drawbar. The hydraulically powered lifting and pulling system is referred to as a hitch. This hitch is what makes it possible for the tractor to raise the plow when it’s not being used, and then lower it when working on a field. It also keeps the tractor safe and stable and prevents it from overturning when the plow gets caught on something on the ground. The hitch also transfers the plow’s weight to the tractor’s rear wheels, thus giving it a firmer grip when the ground’s conditions change. Without a well functioning hydraulic system, this tractor attachment becomes effectively useless, either locked upright and unable to till the soil, or locked in the deployed position, preventing the tractor from being moved from the field.

Regular servicing and repair of this system ensures that all connections and fittings are corrosion-free, the fittings are free of damage, and there is no fluid leakage on the hoses.

At Sapphire Hydraulics, we provide our extensive repair services for our agricultural clients. Some of the plow hydraulic system repairs we offer include:

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