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Hydraulic Car Lift Repairs in Houston, TX

Hydraulic Car Lift Repairs in Houston, TX

Hydraulic Car Lift Repairs

Hydraulic Car Lift Repairs in Houston, TX

When it’s necessary to carry out vehicle repairs underneath your car, the best approach is to raise the car up on a hydraulic car lift, so that it’s much easier to access the underside of the vehicle. Whereas in the past, most vehicle lifts consisted of in-ground machinery, today the vast majority of vehicle lifts are hydraulic surface-mounted lifts, simply because they’re the most efficient and reliable. Here’s how hydraulic car lift repairs are actually carried out.

Hydraulic Car Lift Repair

A standard two-post above-ground lift is designed so that it’s fully capable of hoisting cars and trucks up in the air, so as to provide easy access to the underside of the vehicle, as well as to the wheel assemblies. This particular lift is usually mounted on a concrete surface inside a repair shop bay, and to avoid any support issues, the concrete needs to be at least four inches thick.

Car lifts consist of two upright columns, two hydraulic cylinders, a hydraulic power unit, four adjustable arms which would be attached to a carriage assembly, and a number of cables, pulleys, and hoses. This is the single most dominant type of lift currently used in this country, because of its simplicity and consistent performance.

On this type of vehicle lift, pressurized hydraulic fluid is delivered through hoses to the two cylinders, and the hydraulic fluid pressure is maintained by a pump valve. The hoses themselves are either routed on the floor or over the top of the lift, and it’s actually the hydraulically pressurized pistons inside the cylinders which are responsible for hoisting the vehicle.

Equalization cables are responsible for ensuring that the arms are level, and that locks inside the columns are simultaneously engaged. This helps to ensure that any car or truck can be raised or lowered on the lift at a steady and predictable rate. Once the vehicle is hoisted to the desired level, arms will lock the lift in place, so that all work to be done can be carried out at the appropriate level by a repair person.

Our technicians can work on various lift manufacturers, including:

Powerbuilt | Mayflower Blacksmith | Triumph | A Plus Lift | Bendak | Rotary

Where to Find Hydraulic Lift Repair Services

In the Houston, TX area, the best company to contact for all your hydraulic repair services is Sapphire Hydraulics, especially since we can provide mobile repair services in the event that your machinery is disabled and cannot be moved elsewhere. We can fix any kind of hydraulic hoses or cylinders that require service, and we can also design custom pieces of hydraulic equipment to keep your operation running smoothly.

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