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Hydraulic Drill Motor Repair in Houston, TX

Hydraulic Drill Motor Repair in Houston, TX

Hydraulic Drill Motor Repair in Houston, TX

Overview of Drill Motor Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulics drills use the compression of fluid to deliver incredibly powerful drilling results. The compression allows the drill to deliver impacts and rotate so that it can dig. Naturally, a drill powered by a motor hydraulic system relies heavily on that system to perform well. In fact, one article called drilling hydraulics “the most important factor in drilling performance.”

Like any machine, though, this equipment needs care to stay at its best. As National Driller points out, hydraulic drilling systems require regular maintenance and repair. This allows them to operate safely and effectively for many years. Without maintenance and repairs, the following issues become much more likely to crop up.

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Six of the Most Common Ways Drill Motor Hydraulics Fail

  1. Valve and line problems. Faulty valves and lines can lead to leaks, blockages, and other problems. Valves and lines can simply wear out over time, but in other cases, the issue is with an improperly chosen part. Though the situation is not directly related to a drill, you can read about a valve problem causing issues in a hydraulic system in the second half of this post.
  2. Contamination. Contamination occurs when air or water makes its way into the pump cavity, as highlighted in this explainer from York Precision, a hydraulics manufacturer. Air can come from two main sources: cavitation and aeration. The former happens as the pump pulls out and collapses naturally occurring air in the fluid. A whining noise is a symptom of this problem. Meanwhile, aeration occurs when air “enters the pump cavity from an outside source.” Knocking sounds are a symptom of aeration.
    Water, which creates a milk-like appearance in the fluid, becomes a problem when it makes its way into the pump cavity from the exterior. This can occur as a result of condensation and leaks. Overall, according to York Precision, contamination is to blame for 80–90% of hydraulic failures.
  3. Improper levels of heat or cooling. Another issue covered by York Precision is improper temperature. Insufficient heat dissipation is usually the culprit when systems are running too hot, while the environment can cause them to run too cold. Heat can make fluids thin out, which decreases lubrication and increases leaks, while extreme heat levels can actually cause oxidation and thickening, which hamper flow within the system. A system that is too cold, meanwhile, will also suffer from thickened fluid.
  4. Seal failure. When a seal fails, it can create many problems, as pointed out by Texas Final Drive. A seal issue can both allow fluids to leak and let contaminants into the hydraulic system, neither of which is a good outcome.
  5. Human error. Sometimes, mistakes—rather than wear and tear from long periods of use—are the culprit for drill motor hydraulics failure. For example, according to York Precision, an “inexperienced install may put mismatched components together.” Or, they may choose the correct part but install it incorrectly. A more subtle but equally damaging form of human error comes into play when hydraulic equipment owners and operators neglect the maintenance needs of their gear.
  6. Fluid issues. If fluid levels drop too low, contamination can become more likely. Additionally, certain fluids are better for certain applications than others, so failing to choose the right fluid can create problems as well.

How Sapphire Hydraulics Can Help

Sapphire Hydraulics is a Houston-based business that specializes in providing, repairing, and maintaining hydraulic cylinders and hoses as well as creating custom designs for special pieces of equipment. If any of those sound useful for your business, we’d love to hear from you! Our phone number is 713-804-2817, and we also have a handy contact form available here. Free estimates are available after our technicians perform inspections. Hydraulic equipment is our passion, and we look forward to helping you keep your equipment at its best!