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Oil & Gas Equipment Hydraulic Repairs in Houston

Oil & Gas Equipment Hydraulic Repairs in Houston

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As a hotbed of oil and gas activity, Houston, TX provides many opportunities for hydraulic repairs. Your well pump and your oil and gas operation deserve the best service and that comes from Sapphire Hydraulics. We supply hydraulic fittings to commercial and industrial businesses in Houston, TX, and its surrounding area.

We provide the industry expertise to help you make the best purchasing decisions, so your pumps receive the highest quality repairs with the highest quality parts. We understand that each oil and gas operation require a custom approach. That is what we provide. You get a custom quote on a custom service with the parts recommended for your specific pump operation and existing equipment.


Hydraulic equipment and components come in a huge selection of products. This includes fittings, flanges, connections, seals, guards, hose, hose dash, threading, and thread dash. Each component requires a perfect fit. You might think that is simple, but just within flanges, you must choose from metric, BSP, JIC, NPT, ORFS, or split flanges. When it comes to fittings, you need the right type and the proper size.

The size depends on the size of the hydraulic. When choosing a hydraulic hose, you must take into consideration the manufacturer specifications and the fluid power applications. When we say size matters, we mean in three dimensions of measurement – the outer diameter, inner diameter, and the hose length.

  • Outer diameter: The outer diameter must fit your pumps’ couplings, fittings, guards, or other components to which it will connect.
  • Inner diameter: The inner diameter controls flow velocity and relates to the pressure rating the hose can handle. The pump will experience sluggish flow with a hose of too great a diameter, but a gusher flows with too narrow of a diameter.
  • Hose length: Each hydraulic hose typically gets a custom cut to serve the needs and specifications of the fluid power circuit. By providing custom length hoses, we ensure that your pump experiences no pressure drop.


hydraulic system may pump a single oil well, or several wells. The system layout of the hydraulics differs depending on the use. Used in conjunction with a single well, the triplex system gets installed on the pump location’s edge with a power line installed from the unit to the wellhead. Power oil and fluid the well produce returns to the system vessel then get separated in three stages. While running several wells on a single system may seem more efficient when a part breaks it shuts down the entire operation. When each well has its own hydraulic system, each well can function independently. When a part breaks on one system, only the well it runs needs to shut down for repairs. The rest of the field continues pumping operations which translates to the company continuing to produce oil, therefore make money.

Micropac designs both hand pumps and stainless pumps suitable for offshore drilling operations. These corrosion-resistant and temperature hearty components can help you service tough to reach areas. Its MR Hydraulic Reservoirs work with every MW series pump the company makes from its MW-A Alloy and Stainless-Steel hand pumps to its MW-S carbon steel hand pumps designed for pressure testing.

Our team has considerable experience working on offshore units, as is necessary with Knuckle Boom Cranes, Critical Equipment Cylinders, and Hydraulic Tension Cylinders. These massive pieces of machinery can often have bore diameters as large as 380 millimeters, and will have a load capacity of 350 tons for that single piece of machinery, so they will often be vital to the overall operation, meaning that they need to be in full-working order at all times.

Our experts at Sapphire Hydraulics can also help you determine which hydraulic equipment works best with the heavy equipment your operation uses. We know the equipment of the world’s manufacturers and which components best suit its repairs. That includes the American firms Caterpillar and John Deere, Japan’s Komatsu and Hitachi, the Liebherr Group of Switzerland, China’s XCMGXCMG and Sany, and Doosan Infracore of South Korea. We know these manufacturer’s specifications inside and out and we can help you find the perfect fittings, flanges, connections, seals, guards, hose, hose dash, threading, and thread dash for your operation’s needs. We can create a custom fit hose for your system and ensure that its outer and inner diameter perfectly fit the equipment you own.


Sapphire Hydraulics stocks the full range of hydraulic components for oil and gas applications as well as other industries such as agriculture. Our immense selection means that you also get the best price in the Houston metro. You can phone us at (713) 804-2817 or email us for a custom quote from our local Houston experts.

Contact us today so we can help you repair your hydraulic equipment and keep your oil and gas wells pumping perfectly.

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