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Hydraulic Hoses, Fittings & Cylinder Repair In Manvel, TX

Whenever you need hydraulic hoses, fittings, or cylinders repaired anywhere in the region around Manvel, TX, the one company you should keep in mind is Sapphire Hydraulics. For many years now, we have supplied customers in this area with high-quality hydraulics components, and we would like to provide your business with the same kind of great products and services.

Hydraulic Fittings & Hoses Overview

Sapphire Hydraulics is the acknowledged authority on hydraulic fittings and hoses, and we keep a wide selection of both on hand for our loyal customers, so we can deliver whatever you need promptly. Commercial, agricultural, and industrial customers make great use of our services and products, and you can count on getting top-notch goods whenever you order from us.

Industries Served

Agriculture Manvel

We serve a huge cross-section of industrial, commercial, and agricultural companies throughout the country, and we make sure each one of our customers receives the very best hoses and fittings, so their hydraulic equipment can remain functional and performing at its best. Agricultural companies are heavily involved with tilling, plowing, and spreading fertilizer, and these functions call for heavy use of hydraulic equipment. When any hoses or fittings have to be replaced, we can be right there to provide a high-quality component.

The different cycles of a modern car wash all call for hydraulic equipment to carry out the functions of pre-soak, scrubbing, waxing, and drying a vehicle. Whenever new hoses or fittings are needed to keep this equipment operational, we can step in quickly to supply the needed parts. In the mining industry, a great deal of power is required to break through rock, and to delve beneath the surface of the earth. Much of this power comes from the hydraulic system, and to avoid having downtime at a mining site, we can deliver whatever hydraulic hoses or fittings are needed by your equipment.

Well drilling is similar to mining in that heavy machinery is required to penetrate through different layers of soil and rock, and that means hydraulic systems will provide the power necessary for those functions. We can keep your drilling operation on schedule by providing high-quality hoses and fittings whenever they’re needed.

Screen printing is another industry which requires significant amounts of power, as it transfers images onto various surfaces, using a screen or mesh process. The hydraulic hoses and fittings required for this process can be supplied from our inventory of top-notch brand name replacement parts.

Heavy Equipment We Repair

Sapphire Hydraulics Mobile Repair Hydraulics Telescope Handler Manvel

Heavy equipment is absolutely vital in a great many commercial, agricultural, and industrial industries in this country. Without this heavy machinery, there would be much more difficulty in carrying out many of the functions closely associated with farming, construction, forestry, manufacturing, and transportation. The heavy-duty machinery involved in these industries are time-savers, and are also extremely cost-effective, compared to any other solution which might be adopted.

It’s also true that heavy machinery reduces the need for manual labor, and that it can make it much easier on humans when it comes to accomplishing difficult tasks. Some of the heavy equipment that we service includes bulldozers, pavers, trenchers, skid loaders, road graders, excavators, backhoes, and cultivators.


Common Types of Hydraulic Systems We Repair

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair 1 300x252

Whenever you have a bad hydraulic hose, your entire system can be completely off-line, and your whole operation can come to a complete standstill. When there’s any kind of problem with your hydraulic hoses, contact us at Sapphire Hydraulics, so we can get a replacement part to you quickly and avoid any costly downtime.

Hydraulic cylinders are crucial to the proper functioning of your hydraulic system, and if you have any kind of problem with your hydraulic cylinder, it could spell serious downtime for your operation. Sapphire Hydraulics has some highly trained and skilled repair personnel on staff who can repair your hydraulic cylinders quickly, on any size machinery you might be operating.

Not all hydraulic components are standard and can be replaced by components right off-the-shelf, so we make a point of having a great deal of experience on our staff, with individuals who are familiar with custom hydraulic equipment, and who can custom engineer and manufacture any kind of hydraulic components you may need.


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Manufacturers We Service

We are very proud of the strong business relationship we have with some of this country’s biggest equipment manufacturers and distributors. We work with some of the biggest industries in this country, and we feel honored that they have demonstrated such tremendous confidence in our products and services. Although we work with a great many more brand names than are included on this list, here is a partial sampling of some of our clientele

Hydraulic Repair Logo Caterpillar
Hydraulic Repair Logo Bobcat
Hydraulic Repair Logo John Deere
Hydraulic Repair Logo Hitachi
Hydraulic Repair Logo Asv
Hydraulic Repair Logo Kubota
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About Manvel, Texas

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can generally tell your hydraulic system is in need of repairs when you observe any signs of leaking, any loose or unsecured mountings, or if you see any obviously faulty parts in the system.

We’re available for emergency hydraulic services (we come to you). Count on our team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re able to arrive on-site usually within 1 hour.

The most common reason for cylinders to leak in a hydraulic system is that the seals have become worn, and are no longer providing a tight seal to keep fluid contained within the system.