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The Five Main Parts in a Hydraulic System

The Five Main Parts in a Hydraulic System

July 30, 2019

The Five Main Parts in a Hydraulic System

Hydraulic machines are equipment that’s designed to do heavy lifting with precision. They use the power of fluid to provide great force: hydraulic fluid is conducted through the machinery and motors, pressurized and controlled by hoses and valves. From small machinery to heavy equipment, the five main parts of a hydraulic system remain the same. Hydraulic systems are designed to create motion, which then powers the machinery. It’s important to know the five main components of a hydraulic system so that you can keep yours running efficiently, as well as identify which parts may need to be repaired or rebuilt. Sapphire Hydraulics offers complete hydraulic sales and service in Houston, TX. If your hydraulics aren’t operating as efficiently as they once did, contact us for assistance. Here’s a closer look at the five key components of your hydraulic system:


Hydraulic cylinders:

Hydraulic cylinders provide the push and pull motion of hydraulic machinery. They can exert a wide range of force. Occasionally these are referred to as linear hydraulic motors.


Cylinder barrels, heads and pistons:

These parts are located inside the cylinder, and work together to create different pressure zones. This is what helps the cylinder move, whether the parts are holding the pressure, enclosing the pressure chamber or separating the pressure zones.


Gear pumps:

Gear pumps are often used for high pressure purposes, like steering or lubrication. They can be internal or external and allow a system to run smoothly, handling pressure up to 3600 psi. Internal pumps are usually used for smaller machinery, whereas external pumps are typically seen on heavy equipment.


Hydraulic hoses:

Hydraulic hoses are designed to be cost-efficient and eco-friendly. They’re responsible for conducting hydraulic fluid among and around various components. They also operate at high pressure, so while they’re flexible, they’re still reinforced several times.


Hydraulic filters:

A hydraulic filter is used to remove particles and contaminants from oil inside the machinery. Particles in the hydraulic fluid can contribute to wear and tear on the machine, and lead to serious damage and less efficient operation over time.


The History of Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems have been powering machinery since 1795, and remain a popular choice due to the incredible amount of power they can produce using pressure and liquid. Their applications are broad—they power everything from wheelchair lifts to airplane and boat components. When you take proper care of your machinery, including regular servicing and repairs, you’ll have equipment that will last for years to come. Our team is happy to help educate and advise you on how to take care of your hydraulic equipment.


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