24 hour on-site hydraulic repair, replacement, hose & fitting services.



Hydraulic Services in Richmond, TX

At some point during your system’s life, you will need to have it repaired to keep it performing in peak condition. Regardless of the cause or nature of the malfunction, Sapphire Hydraulics provides reliable repair services in Richmond.

Hydraulic Hose Repair

The hydraulic systems of your equipment often operate under tough conditions, which over time will lead to the hoses leaking, getting damaged, or developing problems that could compromise the performance of your machinery.

Our experienced specialists can handle any hydraulic hose repair issues, regardless of the hose size, fitting configuration, or pressure rating. We will also act quickly, and offer you long-lasting solutions to ensure as little downtime as possible.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Any problem with the hydraulic cylinder will either affect the performance of the machine, or in the worst situations bring your operations to a complete halt. When you experience cylinder failure, you will want the component repaired, and its core function restored as soon as possible.

Our specialists will come to your location, diagnose the problem, and fix the issue to keep the equipment performing optimally. Whether it is a worn-out part that needs replacement or damages that have to be repaired, you will not have to put off your operations for long.

Custom Hydraulic Equipment

When you do not have the right parts for your equipment to handle demanding conditions, we can design and fabricate custom modifications to your equipment. With our experience in handling hydraulic equipment, you can be sure of getting something unique to help solve your problem.


Our knowledge and experience allow us to handle a variety of tasks and work on equipment from different manufacturers. We troubleshoot and find the problem before carrying out repairs, a factor that helps us to deliver effective solutions that inspire confidence. Malfunctions can happen when you least expect them, making it important to have reliable and knowledgeable repair technicians to assist. Contact us to request our round-the-clock emergency service.


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